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ZYTO technology is internet based and creates a tremendous opportunity for working with your healthcare professional at a distance. With ZYTO's Virtual Clinic™ you can interface directly with your healthcare professional remotely and will be able to "visit" your doctor without leaving your home.

This is particularly convenient when a consultation is all you need. Maybe you just want to check in and update the vitamins, homeopathics, and other natural supplements that you are taking. Remember, ZYTO technology is used for gathering health information and not to establish a medical diagnosis. This assessment won't eliminate the need to visit your doctor and have standard medical care or exams. Once you have completed the one time installation of the software, you are ready to start participating in remote sessions with your healthcare professional.

We hope that your experience with ZYTO's Virtual Clinic™ and your healthcare professional will be very beneficial to you and your overall health. You will need to repeat all these steps for future appointments. We wish you improved health and happiness throughout your days.

PLEASE NOTE: Before ordering a hand cradle and/or booking session time with HEALING PATH, INC., please take time now to complete the on-line healthcare questionnaire featured in this website to familiarize your healthcare practitioner with basic information about your body's functional issues. An email assessment will be given within 2 business days regarding your questionnaire, with an option for a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation to answer your questions and concerns.


Make an appointment: Contact your healthcare professional, Dr. Donna B. Donache, by phone at: 770-931-0123, by email at: drdonna@healingpathinc.com.

You will need to order your Zyto Virtual Clinic Hand Cradle. You may purchase the cradle for $160, which is the best value for unlimited use with an unlimited number of people. When you allow others to use your hand cradle and when they schedule a full exam, you will receive a $30 credit with our "Doctor's Without Borders Program". You can also rent the cradle for $25 when you just want 1 full exam or 1 mini-scan.

Please note that you will be charged $160 in advance shipping; however, once the hand cradle is returned to this office in good working order, $135 will be credited back to your account. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery of your hand cradle. All charges include tax, handling and shipping costs. You must list an actual street address.

Please read the following before scheduling to familiarize yourself with your options.

Virtual Clinic Sessions must be prepaid in advance.

For first time patients, a full exam is highly recommended to get a complete baseline reading for the following:

Initial Full Exam, Comprehensive Body Analysis: $350 (2.5 hours):

A thorough assessment of all of your body's organs, glands, systems, genetic tendencies and constitutional influences for predisposition or resistance to disease. Complete balance protocol utilizing nutritional supplements, glandulars, homeopathics, herbal remedies and/or essential oils will be cross-matched to your biological preferences and reviewed. Your report is emailed instantly to you upon completion of the exam. You may choose to order your protocol while on-line with your doctor, or order at a later date. The following four major categories will be tested in detail:

  • Allergies—Foods & Environmental: Common foods, pollens, plants, inhalants, animal dander. N.A.E.T. protocols are used to eliminate problems.

  • Hormonal & Emotional Balancing: Assess glandular function, hormone production, neurotransmiter balance, and emotional balance.

  • Immune Function & Pathogens: Scan signatures of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Assess the main immune defense systems.

  • Toxins in the Tissues Evaluation: Identifies pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, chemicals, mycotoxins, industrial pollutants for detox.

Follow-Up Exams: Comprehensive Review: $150 (1 hour):

Usually completed 30-60 days after intial exam. The initial exam is a pre-requisite. We will review and compare the progress you have made since your initial exam and your first 30 – 45 days of balance protol. Adjustments may be made in the dosage of your products, or completely eliminated if indicated that balance has been achieved. Some strains of pathogens, such as candida, take longer to eliminate and some disease processes reveal themselves after major stressors are corrected per the intial exam. The following new categories are added in addition to the categories above:

Subconcious Belief Patterns: Followup Exam #2 Peek into your inner thought processes and the way to self-correct when you experience self-sabotaging and limited beliefs about yourself. We discuss how to set and achieve lifestyle goals that will insure your continued good health. Also explored are additional emotional balancers such as Bach Flower and Australian Flower essences.

Body/Mind/Spirit Integration: Followup Exam #3 Ever wonder about how you are specifically wired? That 0.01% that makes us unique and different is explored here. At this point, your daily "raw material supplements" should be integrated and most of your physical needs should be met. Generally, If you do experience imbalances, bio-energetic homeopathics, custom-made based on your needs, are created using Cymatherapy (sound wave codes), Gem Elixirs, Color Therapies and other "imprinted" homeopathic signatures. At this point we go totally quantum physics and quantum mechanics and your remedies are referred to as "infoceuticals"! A followup once a year are all most people need to stay completely balanced and in optimal health.

Note: A total of 3 Followup Exams are Recommended.

It didn't take 1 year or even 10 years to get where you are. Experts estimate allowing 1 month for every year you have had a health problem to allow the body to identify, stop, reverse, repair, then rebuild your biology. The results of your first followup exam will indicate how far apart you should schedule the remaining 2 followup exams. Followup exams are always $150 for the remainder of your life. My guarantee to you for continued optimal health.

VIRTUAL CLINIC MINI-SCAN: 20 minutes $50; 40 minutes $100.

Ideal choice for dosing a particular product line such as the ASH products (ID #D060910N) or the Trump Network Products (ID #6568995) and comparing it with your overall organ and gland imbalances. The mini-scan will let you quickly see how much of a product you need, how long you need to take it, and what type of results you can expect. A 40 minute session is recommended if you currently have a disease diagnosis. Reports are emailed following exam.

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE of the written information about specific integrative therapies you can use in the TOP 30 DISEASES section of this website. You can download information directly about individual diseases and natural health care solutions to your computer for a nominal fee or download the entire book (1500 pages) for a nominal fee of $30. Your contribution ensures that others can continue to get free medical advice when booking exams are not an option.

Make an appointment: Contact your healthcare professional, Dr. Donna B. Donache, by phone at: 770-931-0123, by email at: drdonna@healingpathinc.com.

Once you have made your appointment, see these instructions for your virtual clinic exam.



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