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Please review the following steps before connecting to your practitioner.  If you cannot complete the following steps and must reschedule your session, FOR ANY REASON, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required, or session may be forfeit. 

  1. Make an appointment with your healthcare professional.  All virtual clinic™ sessions must be prepaid.
  2. A few minutes before your appointment, make sure your computer is turned on, is connected to the internet and your hand cradle is plugged into a USB port.
  3. To access and download the Virtual Clinic, go to the following web address:  www.zyto.com/virtualclinic.
  4. Select “Run” to begin the installation process and click “Accept” for any necessary prerequisites.
  5. When the virtual clinic first opens you will want to establish a connection with the hand cradle.  Place your hand on the hand cradle and click the “CONNECT” button.
  6. All of the finger points and the palm point on the hand cradle graphic should turn yellow when you have a good connection.  If one or more points are still gray, adjust your hand until all points turn yellow.  If you are having difficulty with your hand connection, you can try putting a little bit of water on your hand for better conductivity.
  7. When the hand cradle test has completed, the software will ask for a Remote ID.  The Remote ID number is:  00000-04749-83570. Enter this number in approximately 10 minutes before your appointment.
  8. Be sure to enter in the entire number, including the dashes and click “OK”. You are now ready for your session.
  9. Please place your hand on the hand cradle when your healthcare professional instructs you to do so and leave it there throughout the session or until otherwise told by your healthcare professional.
  10. During the assessment you will see a green bar moving across your computer screen under the hand cradle graphic.  This represents the progress of the assessment.
  11. If you want to ask your healthcare professional a question during the session you can use either your telephone or the “Instant Message” (IM) feature of the software.   To do so, simply type your question in the small rectangular box at the bottom of the window that says “Type your message here”.  You will see your message appear in the larger conversation box.  The typed response from your healthcare professional will also appear in the conversation box.  This IM feature is especially helpful if you have a dial-up internet connection and can’t be on the phone while you are on the internet.
  12. Once you are finished with your assessment, your healthcare professional will be able to make recommendations in order to assist you in improving your health.  Your healthcare professional also has the ability to email you your report, including descriptions of recommended products and their usage, descriptions of specific information regarding disease processes, hormones, pathogens and other information in the database.  You may email all or specific portions of your report to any practitioner of your choosing, who is a part of your healthcare team.  Your report is completely confidential and is housed in compliance with HIPPA standards on a mainframe server located at Zyto’s headquarters in Utah.
  13. If you rented your hand cradle, kindly return it to HEALING PATH, INC. within 24 hours of completing your session. Please take care of the hand cradle and respect its fragility while in your care.  Opened, altered, or damaged cradles will not be credited. Your kit should include return shipping labels and postage stamp (USPS PRIORITY MAIL only).  Please reuse the original shipping container and return all materials, repack as sent, for a credit of your initial deposit minus the rental fee.  Cradles will be inspected upon return. 

Thank you and enjoy your session time.  You are embarking upon an amazing journey of self-discovery, self-knowledge, and self-mastery. Optimal health can be yours STARTING NOW.  This prevention and correction process is truly the plan for a new generation of wellness and quality of life.  If everyone took even a fraction of the steps you are taking now, we would solve the health care crisis facing the nation OVERNIGHT.  Please tell your family, your friends, your coworkers – your enemies what you will learn here.  Your testimony of your better life is THE BEST WAY to be proactive and do your part to reach your true potential.


Dr. Donna B. Donache


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