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Trance Posture Meditation

What is Visionary Trance Posture Work?

For 150,000 years, all humans lived a gathering and hunting lifestyle that included a trance-based spiritual tradition. About 10,000 years ago, h owever, Europeans began to disconnect from their ability to experience visionary trance. Fortunately, Westerners’ inherent biological capacity to enter visionary trance survives—and waits to be reawakened through this ancient technique preserved in certain religious art.

Today, through these 28,000 year old postures, you can experience firsthand the worldviews of indigenous peoples around the world—without appropriating their cultural traditions. Furthermore, you can learn how to apply visionary guidance from mythic realms to the issues and situations in your everyday life.

In this evening seminar, you will learn a brief history of human consciousness as it relates to visionary trance, and you will experience five basic postures from various cultures. You need no previous practice of yoga, meditation or any other spiritual tradition to feel the profound effects of remembering how to enter visionary trance.

Recommended Reading:
Where the Spirits Ride the Wind—Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman
Ecstatic Body Postures—Belinda Gore

Suggested donation of $50.00 to benefit local eco-indigenous groups.

Participants should dress casually and be able to remove their socks and shoes.
What to Bring:
Your curiosity, enthusiasm, and an open mind. A desire to participate in sacred ceremony. A pillow, blanket, journal, drums, rattles, shakers, etc.

Because of the sacred nature of this work, please refrain from the use of tobacco and drugs 48 hours prior to the event. You will experience much better results. Thank you. Leave behind attitudes that stereotype, separate, diminish, and otherwise limit human potential.

About the Ceremony:
You will be participating in a sacred honoring of yourself and ancestral energies within you. The use of sage to purify and clear the physical and auric field is a very ancient and important aspect of this work, as is the honoring of the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit — components of our known physical world and the archtypal energies they represent in our being.

Through song and breathwork, you will experience a deep awakening of yourself as you hold a simple yoga-type posture for approximately 30 minutes. A gourd is rattled to allow synchronization of the brain hemispheres to make it easier to detach from your current cares, problems, and concerns. You may see images, pictures, animal totems, or just experience the feelings your mind/body connection is desiring to make. Everything is universally appropriate in your experience and you are safely supported in a loving environment in the privacy of your journey. It has been my experience through facilitation of these sessions that people want to journal and integrate their experiences afterward, then share their vision and experience with the rest of the group. You are supported in your expression, whether internalized or externalized. A brief lecture giving the history and understanding of the posture will be given after the group has shared.


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