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Therapeutic Body Work

  1. For Pain or Discomfort?
    ie. Low Back, Neck, Shoulders
  2. For Stress and Fatigue
    ie. Having trouble sleeping, Loss of memory
  3. For Illness
    ie. Sinusitis, Headaches

A. For relief of pain and discomfort...

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy

The body has both superficial and deep muscle structures that support the body and allow for movement of the joints and skeleton. This work focuses on the trigger points held in the major muscle groups of the body.

Joint and Connective Tissue Therapy:

Range of motion and body therapy involving deep, precise release of muscles, tendons, and ligaments at the joint locations within the body. Injury therapy for acute and chronic pain with heat and/or ice and essential oils are integrated.

Myofascial Release Therapy:

Fascia is the connective tissue which surrounds every cell, groups of cells, tissues, and organs in the body. This massage modality helps to oxygenate the cells and clear the tissues of dysfunction due to construction of muscle groups by cross fiber and Pfrimmer Therapy. Greater freedom of movement is the result.

Neuromuscular Therapy:

A series of detailed sessions designed for specific muscle groups for the correction and release of body "armoring", muscle spasms, posture distortions, chronic and severe pain pattern problems. The nerve pathways are cleared and released of harmful patterns, the muscles retrained, and deep trigger points discharged so that the body can return to balance and harmony.

Needle less Acupuncture Therapy:

Precise stimulation, integration, clearing and release of blocked energy. Use this modality for severe pain, such as migraines, neck and shoulder cramps, and TMJ.

Process Acupressure:

Accurate, gentle, precise stimulation, integration, clearing, and release of the meridians and energy centers of the body for purposes of integrating body, mind, spirit, and emotions for the overall harmony and well-being of body functions.

Sports Massage Therapy:

Care for the stretching, movement, and activity needs of the joints and muscles during physical training, exercise, and competition. Pre and post event massage that is both seated and table oriented.

Shiatsu Therapy:

Similar to process acupressure, but combines more massage-type strokes and functions.

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B. Say good-bye to stress and fatigue...


The art and science of applying and diffusing essential oils of plants which have therapeutic value to help the body achieve "homeostasis" or balance.

Cellular Memory Release Therapy:

Facilitation of the physical release of trapped memories and traumatic occurrences held as pictures, energies, and/or feelings within the core of the muscle fiber cells through breath work and deep tissue therapy.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

Gentle and precise movement of the skull, spinal cord, and sacrum to help the body balance sensory, motor, and neurological functioning. Improves the body's internal environment and allows the body to self-correct through "stillpoint". 

Energy Balancing:

The human energy field or "auric" field is the first of the five layers of systems (energy "aura" or spirit, soul, emotions, mind, body) to hold and "blueprint" or pattern how life affects our other systems. Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are forms of this work.

Somato Emotional Release Therapy:

From the word Soma which means body. Advanced cranio-sacral therapy. The body is supported in releasing deep seated trauma, feelings, and emotions related to external forces such as accidents, injuries, falls, surgeries, and LIFE.

Stress Testing (Bio-Meridian) and Bio Energetic Medicine:

A non-invasive method of gaining valuable information about the body's vital functions. This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points on the skin, typically the hands and feet.
(See the section under Natural Health Care Assessment for more information)

Swedish Massage Therapy:

Classic effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement massage used to relax and de-stress the body.

Zero Balancing Therapy:

A universal approach to mind/body healing combining structural and energetic techniques to balance and clear the foundation and semi-foundation joints within the body. Connects deep energy centers in the body to each other.

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C. Fight Sickness...

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

Light and rhythmical massage. Helps the lymph system filter out toxins and foreign substances in the body such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, dyes, metals, synthetic chemicals and free-radicals. Crucial for a healthy auto-immune system.

Stress Testing (Bio-Meridian):

A non-invasive method of gaining valuable information about the body's vital functions. This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points on the skin, typically the hands and feet.

Kinesiology/Body Balancing Testing:

(Part of the Bio-Meridian Stress Testing) Your body never lies--it knows everything that will balance it. This process of electro-acupuncture asks your body questions about the appropriate course of treatment for you, from food to supplements, to bodywork and everything in-between.

Reflexology/Vita-Flex Therapy:

Precision work of the feet, hands and ears with oils, massage and acupressure. A very thorough way to treat the organs, glands, and major systems in the body is through the feet!

Reiki Therapy and Reiki Training:

The simplest and most profound system of body balancing. Hands placed at strategic points on the body allows the body to self-correct. On-going classes in this method are taught at the clinic.

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