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The following are benefits that will be realized by meditation participants in due course of time:

More alert mind
More creativity
Improved immune system
Genuine love for self and others
On-going joy and happiness
Natural tendency to serve others more
Easily attained “Present Moment” living
Improved health
Positive mental outlook
Permanent removal of accumulated stress
End of on-going stress
Stability of greater self-confidence and self-worth
Easier ability to focus on task
Perpetual deep peace
Natural flow to ideas, wisdom and expression
Walking through all perceived fears

      Futurist Oliver W. Markley called it a “wild card” that could greatly quicken the transformation to global consciousness and ecological sustainability. The wild card Markley referred to is this type of meditation; a previously undisclosed ancient teaching that gives anyone the ability to develop full human consciousness.

      In weekend and weeknight courses, individuals are taught a series of simple mechanical techniques that can erase stress and transform lives. These techniques create a level of rest twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night. This activates the body’s natural healing ability, which allows the nervous system to clear accumulated stress.

The Praise Attitude is the most basic, the most fundamental of all the techniques. The Praise Attitude heals our subjective experience of the universe. This is the root attitude of all the techniques. This technique can be used any time, day or night, with the eyes open or closed, to cause a calming and healing effect. Practiced with the eyes closed, this attitude produces deeper rest than sleep. Because of this profound rest, deep-rooted stresses dissolve that are never touched by sleep.
The Gratitude Attitude is subtler than the Praise Attitude. The Gratitude Attitude deals with another of the fundamental stresses that needs to be healed to experience life fully. The Gratitude Attitude aligns our relationship to the objective world. This is the first technique designed to heal our relationship with everything in the physical world, including our bodies.
The Love Attitude heals another one of the fundamental misconceptions that keep us from experiencing who we truly are; it deals with our relationship to the Source. Many people find this the sweetest of the first three techniques.
Cognition Technique
Cognition heals the fourth fundamental stress that keeps one from evolving to enlightenment. The Cognition technique deals with our relationship to all of humanity. It involves a beautiful ceremony done in gratitude to all the Ishayas. It is used in conjunction with the other three Attitudes.

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