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Maintenance Program

The Trump Network is a potent family of revolutionary supplements that are focused on supporting foundational human health pathways.  The Custom Essentials Product is not a single ingredient wonder or a passing fad.  It is a result of the efforts of Ideal Health and Metametrix Labs over a 14 year period of development in the field of preventive medicine and the study of nutrition by  metabolic doctors devoted to natural health care.  To access ordering information, follow the prompts on the following link:  www.trumpnetwork.com/DDonache.

The ingredients that make up the Custom Essentials are designed to:

  • Restore integrity to the immune system.
  • Enhance the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Reduce inflammation, the primary destructive force in the body.
  • Promote the elimination of wastes and environmental toxins.

There are optional supplements as well that allow for special cleansing of different organs and glands as well as foundational remedies for hormone and endocrine system balancing.  You can arrange an in-person, on-site mini-scan of any of the optional products for ordering by contacting Dr. Donna at 770-931-0123 or emailing her at:  drdonna@healingpathinc.com.  To inquire about exciting new developments in VIRTUAL SCAN technology, where you do not have to leave your home or office to have an assessment, click here now.

The Custom Essentials (tm)  product is needed for CORE FOUNDATION support and address the vital needs of all the major body systems.  The body makes none of the items found in your individualized essentials – so each and every day we must go outside of our own system to replenish these products.  If you don’t do them, you will experience breakdowns in the body, which forms the basis of all diseases.  Because they are the building blocks of everything you do to run, repair, and restore every system in the body, they are the most important thing you will put in your mouth each and every day.


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