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Lifestyle Programs

We are continually looking at balancing the body, mind, and spirit in our massage sessions. We don't see you as just a body part -- a sore arm or an aching back, or even a pulled hamstring. Our sessions are designed to support your wholeness and total well being for your lifestyle. We will combine our training of the modalities listed in this brochure to suit your needs and your goals. However, if you wish to have far reaching benefits and results for lifelong problems and patterns, we suggest you look into one or all of the following three life-programs:

  • 4 One Hour Sessions - $320
  • 6 One Hour Sessions - $480
  • 8 One and One Half Hour Sessions - $960

Note: These programs carry discounts when pre-paid.

1. For Pain & Discomfort: Neuromuscular Therapy

The neuromuscular therapy program is deep tissue "trigger point" in nature. These sessions are divided into eight (8) 1-1/2 hour sessions designed to eliminate the root cause of pain and to correct muscular imbalances between the 8 major zones in the body. Electro acupuncture and accupressure may be used.

2. For Stress & Fatigue: Energy Balancing

Eclectic and life changing! Open your heart, your senses, and your spirit to your marvelous life healing energy in these sessions. Eight (8) 1-1/2 hour sessions, designed to gather, clear, awaken, and re-align your entire being to support your ongoing awareness to your life path, goals, and purpose. Essential oils, REIKI, and Cranio-Sacral therapy are used.

3. For Sickness: Lymaphatic Therapy

All forms of fatigue, stress, illness, and eventual breakdown of the major organ systems within the body have their roots in a compromised lymphatic system. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, sinusitis, bronchitis, headaches, lupus, irritable bowel, ulcers, etc., then you need this life renewing program. Ask for details about the NATURAL MEDICINE, BIO-ENERGETIC MEDICINE and stress testing in conjunction with lymphatic therapy, as well as nutritional guidance.


Visa, MasterCard, Cash and Personal Checks gladly accepted.

Prepaid sessions are discounted as an entire series. We ask that you follow a pre-arranged schedule for these sessions, and that you book your session times in advance. This saves administrative costs which are passed on directly to you.

You must give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a session to avoid losing that session time. This applies to Gift Certificates as well. Our normal policies apply.

NOTE: Session times must be booked in advance to receive discount.


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