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Health Care Professionals Program
Fundamentals of Herbalism

Fundamentals of Herbalism Program - (64 Hours Cost: $1295)

Our mission is to educate health care professionals about the science and application of Herbalism. Healing Path seminars include lectures, demonstrations, case studies and experiential learning sessions using the herbs.

This seminar was developed for health care professionals to understand and safely use herbal therapies. This eight day course will give you the basic building blocks of an herbal practice. We will begin by looking at the three primary perspectives on healing: the cultural, social, political, and spiritual origins of these perspectives, and how they influence the way herbs are used as medicines. You will receive a thorough introduction to the various forms of herbal products that can be purchased and created. A hands-on workshop will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make plant medicines such as tinctures, infused oils, salves, and syrups. We’ll also cover the use of essential oils and flower essences in herbal healing. Finally, you will learn how to create herbal formulas, set dosages, and create a basic herbal therapy for acute and chronic conditions.

$1295 if postmarked 4 weeks before seminar
$1495 if postmarked 2 weeks before seminar

Seminar Agenda
Participants should dress casually and be able to remove their socks and shoes.

Basic Herbal Skills

Topics Include:
History of Herbalism and
Contemporary Herbal Practices
Introduction to Herbal Medicines
Medicine-Making Techniques
Flower Essences
Basics of Herbal Therapeutics

Day 1 Through Day 8:

9:00am Lecture
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Lecture
6:00pm Adjourn


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