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Health Care Professionals Program
Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine - (40 Hours Cost: $750)

Our mission is to educate health care professionals about the science and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Healing Path seminars include lectures, demonstrations, case studies and experiential learning sessions applying T.C.M. fundamentals, Diagnosis, Acupressure, and QIGong.

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) has been practiced for millennia. A large percentage of the earth’s population relies on this system of energywork to maintain and restore health. The ancient Chinese Sages, Shamen and Healers had the ability to feel, see and intuit the energy pathways and vortexes of the human body. This knowledge has been passed from one healer to another for an estimated 6,000 years. We are presently living in a fortunate time when esoteric knowledge, that was available only to the few, is now freely available to many. Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong knowledge was for centuries kept secret in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries, marshal arts societies and passed along family lineages within the circles of nobility.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing system that is very effective and very satisfying to learn. In this 40 hour course you will gain an understanding of the principles of this system. You will learn how to diagnose patterns of disharmony; treatment principles, and appropriate acupressure techniques. You will learn QI Gong practices, which will enhance your own energy; and develop your ability to feel the energy of others. This training is based on standards set by the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA).

Seminar Agenda

In this course we will be working with learning manuals. These books will make the learning process much easier for you. You won’t have to write many notes in class. All the essential information will be there, and you will have these books for future reference. The Learning Manuals Are:

T.C.M. Fundamentals
Zang/Fu Patterns of Disharmony Quick Reference
The 4 Examinations
Asking the 10 Questions
Reading the Tongue
Reading the Pulses

What you will Learn

History and Overview of T.C.M.
  • Cosmology - What is Qi (Energy) and it’s func tions in the body, Taoist philosophy and spirituality, QiGong, the concept of Yin/Yang balance, the 6 Energies, the 5 Elements.
  • Comparison of T.C.M. with conventional medicine.
  • The Fundamental Substances—Qi, Blood, Jing, Shen, JinYe (fluids)
  • The Organs—Visceral Manifestation Theory (functions, descriptions, and typical signs of imbalance of disturbed function)
  • The causes of disease—emotional, dietary, life style, Pathogenic Factors (Heat, Cold, Wind, Damp, Dryness); exogenous in vasion and endogenously produced.
  • 5 Element Theory
  • San Jiao Theory of Internal Energy Production
  • The signs and symptoms of energetic imbalance, Patterns of Disharmony (disease states).

How to gather information through “The 4 Examinations” - asking, looking, touching, and listening, smelling. You will learn how to read the tongue and the pulses.

You will learn how to analyze the information that you gather; and make a differential diagnosis through the following assessment methods:

The 8 Guiding Principles
Qi, Blood and Body Fluids
Pathogenic Factors
The Zang/Fu Organ Patterns
The 5 Elements
The 6 Stages (Divisions)
The 3 Burners
The 4 Levels

You will learn Treatment Principles and appropriate acupressure points.

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