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BioEnergetic Medicine

BioEnergetic Medicine—Clinical Practice Basics - (16 Hours Cost: $400)

Quantum physics and experiments in high-energy particle physics have shown us that at the particle level, all matter is indeed energy. These very factors of life are more energy dominant than chemical dominant. The energetics of the cells and the electrical forces of the body organize and dictate these chemical processes.

In this two day seminar on clinical practice basics, you will develop an understanding of how to synergistically balance the chemical, magnetic, psychological, social and environmental factors influencing your patients lives. Specific protocols and procedures will be covered that will enable you to immediately and thoroughly balance your patients in initial and future consultations.

To get the full benefits from this seminar, it is recommended that you bring your BioMeridian MSAS system with you. It is also important that you be experienced with the point testing and familiar with the system software.

Whether you are inexperienced or an experienced herbalist, homeopath, naturopath, or functional medical advisor, you will find these simple, timesaving protocols to your advantage.


An overview of therapeutic aims, meridian stress assessment goals, and simplified base-line points will be given. Learn to master your equipment in specific applications for your clinics’ needs. Custom libraries will be introduced to help you consolidate your balance protocols by organ and glandular systems. Learn protocols that will help you drain, detoxify, balance, tone and rebuild the organ and glandular systems.


Understanding the biology of belief and how it affects us at a core cellular level. Rebalancing with emotional repatterning and release techniques. An overview of genetic miasms, nosodes, isodes, and sarcodes in imprinting customized homeopathic preparations will be demonstrated. The importance of body typing and enzymatic therapies as well as foundational remedies to balance the body will be shown. A demonstration of a comprehensive body analysis and complete balance protocol will be given. The comprehensive analysis will include how to assess food and environmental sensitivities, hormonal and emotional balance, immune function and pathogen surveys, as well as toxicity evaluation.


Where to go after the basics? Your implementation of the weekend’s learning will open many more opportunities for you. We offer in-depth week long courses in herbal medicine, traditional chinese medicine, and advanced protocols for advanced disease states.


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